British Riot Crackdown: Prime Minister David Cameron promises "swift justice" to rioters, meanwhile police are raiding houses willy nilly.

Republican Date Night! Fire up the telly and make some popcorn, because tonight's can't miss show is the Republican presidential hopefuls' Iowa debate. Plus, some sweet shots of Sarah Palin's tour bus.

Woop Woop! American stocks actually rose after jobless claims fell to a four month low.

Worst. YouTube. Video. Ever. Norwegian domestic terrorist Anders Breivik may have filmed his whole massacre.

Excellent News! The Barefoot Bandit has a movie deal! Squeee!

Meat Theft: Is apparently a thing. And is on the rise.

Juggalo Livestream: You know what the world needs? A liveblog of the Gathering of the Juggalos.

The Best Of... Chinese rip-off stores:


Shooting on Sandy: A 19-year-old is killed by gunfire out on NE 119th and Sandy.

Putting Women Under: Multiple women accuse Dalles anesthesiologist of sex crimes.

Cute Dogs Attend Weddings: The Oregonian has the scoop.

Annnnd This Happened: A drunk 18-year-old on a JetBlue flight from PDX to New York urinated all over some poor girl.