Employees of the 10 Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette branches voted last night to unionize, joining ranks with the Service Employees International Union Local 49. The vote was 97 yes, 43 no, on joining the union and could affect the delivery of healthcare to tens of thousands of Oregonians, since our state has the highest per capita usage of Planned Parenthood in the nation.

I reported on the bickering over the union formation in the news section this week, but workers' concerns revolve around wanting more of a voice over the policies and decisions of the local clinics. There has also been a wage freeze for many workers at the clinics since December 2008, though some have received bonuses and wage increases in recent weeks.

"We felt that we were using really good quality people, with high turnover at the clinics," said one administrative worker, Janine, last night after the vote. "We're drawn to work here because of the mission, this is the culmination of years of dissatisfaction."