• Beirut

Another week, another Mercury music section to burn in a celebratory bonfire as you prepare yourself for the first Van Halen album with David Lee Roth since 1984. I hope it's as good as Van Halen III.

Beirut gets personal on their excellent new LP, The Rip Tide. My conceptual recording about confetti, The Rip Taylor, is still looking for a record label.

Beirut - "Santa Fe"

Southern pride, sacred trees, songs about ghosts, DIY values, homemade washtub bass—the new Pine Hill Haints have a little something for everyone on their forthcoming coming album, Welcome to the Midnight Opry.

Pine Hill Haints - "You Were Born to Suffer"

The sons and daughters of Eskimo and Sons, Wild Ones are the next generation of a Portland band with a gift for writing vivid pop songs.

Wild Ones - "Need it All"

Best known for being the pint size assassin in A Tribe Called Quest, Phife Dawg rolls through town for this rare solo performance.

A Tribe Called Quest - "Buggin' Out"

End Hits: Huggin' out.