Darcelle prepping for a 2010 show

The district attorney dropped two assault charges against Portland's iconic drag queen Darcelle. The 80-year-old diva allegedly assaulted two Oregon Liquor Control Commission officers last night at her bachelorette-laden downtown nightclub, Darcelle XV.

Here's what happened: An undercover, underage police agent went to the drag show and was able to order a drink, despite being under 21. The agent then tipped off two OLCC officials, who arrived at the club. According to OLCC spokeswoman, Darcelle approached the investigating duo and shouted at them to leave, "flailing his arms" and pushing them. The club's co-owner (and Darcelle's partner), Roxy Neuhardt, also joined in the confrontation. Although Darcelle stopped after seeing the official's badges, Neuhardt continued to shove the pair until the police arrived.

The police let Darcelle—or Walter Cole, on occasion—finish her performance, but then booked him into the Multnomah County Jail. Neuhardt was also cited for harassment. Darcelle was released this morning.

Sadly, we can't get Cole's side of the story because he's under gag order by his lawyer. But this afternoon, the district attorney announced that the charges would be dropped. OLCC's Scott said she believes the DA's office dropped the charges because there was not enough information on the assault.

So while the club remains under investigation for serving booze to a minor, Darcelle is back in action.