Jeez! What climbed up your asses today? There's a poop-load of new angry, weepy I, Anonymooses for your perusal on the new IA blog, including this one about drunk driving parents (with kids in the car!), as well as this one about all you filthy ladies out there who insist on spreading blood and feces all over American bathrooms:

The "ladies" room is even worse. I have seen cleaner horse barns. As I write this, there is blood smeared all over the front of one of the toilets and a little glob of human shit on the wall of the other stall. Now, I realize that we all have messy days, where the shit just flies out of our butts everywhichway, but how can you be so un-self-aware to not realize you have just bedecked the wall with your crap?

Read the rest here, and don't bother pulling out whatever it is in your ass—channel that anger/frustration/sorrow into an awesome Anonyomous!