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Photography by Alec Quig
  • Photography by Alec Quig
1 Name + nickname: Duane “Superman” P. Jr.

2 Age: 24

3 Hood: Beaverton

4 Occupation: I work for Nike, and play running back and linebacker for the Portland Raiders.

5 Hometown: Kansas City, MO

6 Favorite place to eat in PDX: Rock Bottom.

7 Favorite place to drink in PDX: Bar 15.

8 How fashionable are you on a scale of 1-10? I’ll say 9.

9 Pet peeve: Assumption. You know, it makes an ass out of u and me.

10 Guilty pleasure: Women! I’m attracted to women. Women get me in trouble. Good trouble. You meet me, you’ll have a good time. You got a boyfriend, you don’t wanna meet me.

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11 If you had a genie and one wish, what would it be? Peace. World peace.

12 Do you have a cultural recommendation for our readers?
Music. All music.

13 Were you cool in high school? Yep. Let’s just say I know a lot of people.

14 If you had a time machine, where would you go? The 1400s. Rome.

15 Favorite thing about the opposite sex?
Hoo! Eyes!

16 Least favorite thing about the opposite sex? Complaining. Bitching! For no reason, sometimes.

17 What should all women know that they never seem to? Know men. Know more about men. All around.

18 What is your dream? To be famous!

19 What is your best Portland story?
Putting a guy to sleep! I was downtown one night with some of my friends, and there was a guy and chick sitting on a ledge by a parking garage. The girl was not smiling at all, so I walked by and was like, “Smile!” And the dude next to her says something to me. I stopped, walked backwards, and was like, “What’d you say? I just gave the girl a compliment. You should use it. If you have a girl next to you and she’s not smiling, you’d better brighten up her day.” So he says something. Called me a bitch or whatever. How big? Six one, six two. A little bigger than me. Words were exchanged. I was like, “Don’t get beat up and I take your girl.” The girl’s like, “That’s not my man!” And he’s like, “That’s not my girl.” So I’m like, “Ok, this is a great reason for you to get beat up and me take this girl.” He started slapping at my face, smiling. He stood up. I’m like, oh, this guy’s ready. So I took off my shirt, coz I was wearing some letters from my fraternity. I was at an angle and let it fly. He woke up ten minutes later, all like, “Where am I?” There was a cop on the corner, but he didn’t see, so I didn’t get in trouble. Then I just, you know, went about my business!

20 Anything you’d like to hype or promote?
503 Mixers. It’s my rap group. We have no website, but have been doing shows, trying to get our name out there.