Heath-care Hits Wall: A federal appeals panel rules a section of Obama's health-care reform unconstitutional.

Nothing to See Here: A Shell oil leak in the North Sea is under control — according to Shell.

London Crackdown ; Police raid London of Friday, arrest over 1,000 rioters.

In Other Riots of the Day : San Francisco's rapid transit system shuts down cell phone service to defuse protesting of a July police shooting. Legal?

Global Light Show: The Persiod Meteor Shower takes to the skies across the world, competing with a bright August moon. NASA offers an online chat and live video feed for those unable to part with their computer.

Clearing the Air: Family of 11-year-old girl said to be urinated on by a drunk skier on a JetBlue flight says the 18-year-old guy only peed on the floor next to her seat. Whew.

Whatta guy: Joey Harrington, NFL quarterback who was hit by a car while biking in Portland, is pairing up with Nutcase helmets to give helmets to kids who can't afford them.

Things That Are Adorable of the Day : A Mariachi band serenades a beluga whale at a Connecticut aquarium.