In a report that will probably shock the poop right into your pants, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie DIDN'T DO SO WELL AT THIS WEEKEND'S BOX OFFICE. In fact, it kind of... oh, what's the word... face planted, making only $5.7 million over the weekend—but chin up, producer/creator Ryan Murphy and Fox execs... the flick only cost $9.5 million to make! Nevertheless, Ryan and Co. are at a COMPLETE LOSS about why this piece of shit movie didn't do as well as they'd hoped. From Deadline Hollywood:

Murphy, who produced but did not direct, was as befuddled as Fox TV and film execs why the pic didn't do better, especially because it was given an 'A+' CinemaScore from audiences under age 25. "The CinemaScores were excellent. They don't sync up with the results," one Fox TV exec emailed me. Fox thought the film would at least reach double-digits, crack the Top 5 for the weekend, and perform respectably like the other concert movies.

HUH. That is weird! Anyway, as is the case in Hollywood, Fox execs addressed the colossal failure by pointing fingers—and one anonymous suit had this finger to point:

"I think it was a shitty campaign that did not effectively communicate what the movie was or that the people who had seen it reviewed it positively," one suit told me.

Ummm... so I was the person who reviewed the Glee concert movie—and yeah, no one really asked me (nor do they ever) to "review it positively." However, I'm pretty sure I would've said it was "the mental equivalent of being repeatedly kicked in the balls by a furious donkey" anyway.