It usually annoys me when GLAAD goes after celebrities for sins of a stray "fag" or for failing to get the memo about the elevation of a word that had long been regarded as harmless and/or affectionate to the status of a hate term. But GLAAD is absolutely right to go after Adam Carolla for his rant on his podcast this week.

On his podcast last Thursday, the former "Man Show" host spent several minutes of his show railing against, among other things, the idea of teaching people to respect the transgender community. In his rant, he also told LGBT people to "shut up" because by speaking out about equality, they are "ruining his life" and said that members of the LGBT community should stop using the letters "LGBT" to describe themselves, and should instead use "YUCK."

Carolla at one point asked: "When did we start giving a shit about these people?"

Carolla has apologized for his remarks, playing the just-a-comedian card. I like a good fag joke as much as the next guy-who-isn't-employed-at-GLAAD, but I fail to see the humor in Carolla's rant, or even a lame attempt at humor, and GLAAD isn't mollified. But Carolla is just a comedian and I think we ought to accept his apology and move on. We've got much bigger bigots to fry, after all, and people run their mouths for a living sometimes run themselves into a ditch... as I well know.