HAIL SIA—Babelicious Australian singer Sia confirms the inarguable truth: sexy female vocals never fail to enchant. The blonde has progressed from cooing, down-tempo ballads to buoyant pop candy—and effortlessly, too! Her steamy sighs and heartfelt, thick exclamations mesh perfectly with her new, dancey sound. CD
w/Oh Land, Ximena Sarinana; Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell, 8 pm, $20-22, all ages

HAIL CAESAR—Against all odds, that new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie ain't too shabby! Andy Serkis—the same dude behind Gollum in Lord of the Rings—plays the CG Caesar, a super-smart chimp who leads an ape assault on the bewildered residents of San Francisco (including perpetually bewildered James Franco)! It's goofy as hell, but also... kinda badass? No, wait. Make that totally badass. EH
Various theaters, see Movie Times for theaters & showtimes