Richard Swift at Pickathon
  • Richard Swift at Pickathon

If you caught Richard Swift's dynamite set in the barn at Pickathon the weekend before last, chances are you—like me—have had this song rolling around in your head ever since. He closed the set out with a full-band rendition of "Lady Luck," sitting from behind the drum kit and hitting falsetto notes no man should rightly hit. It was the perfect climax to his slow-building set, which begun with him solo on the piano in Randy Newman mode, before he strapped on a guitar and called his compadres to the stage (including a giddy Damien Jurado and members of Vetiver).

This is the studio version of "Lady Luck." While it's not the same as that incredible barn rendition, it's great it its own right. The song first appeared on the 2008 EP Ground Trouble Jaw, and is also the closing track on Swift's 2009 album The Atlantic Ocean.


Richard Swift - "Lady Luck"

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