RCR's Wheels of Justice shut down Boston
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  • RCR's Wheels of Justice shut down Boston

It smells like roses up in here. That’s the sweet smell of success for the Rose City Rollers wafting out of the Hangar, after this weekend’s bouts with Seattle and Boston. We creamed Boston on Friday and then reigned over Seattle on Saturday.

With four bouts and four leagues stuffed into the Hangar at Oaks Park, it was merciful to have the beer garden located in the parking lot and the hangar doors open as a breezeway into the sweaty confines. But the beating sunshine wasn’t stopping Boston and Portland’s coaching staff from displaying the fashion contrast between East and West Coasts—a dapper suit for Bean Town, pretty purple Pegasus unicorns for Portland. Yep, that sounds about right.

Check the pics and read the recap after the jump.

WOJs Heidi Go Seek blocks Bostons Claire D. Way
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  • WOJ's Heidi Go Seek blocks Boston's Claire D. Way

The August Take-Down kicked off Friday with our all-star team, the Wheels of Justice, taking on the all-star Boston Massacre, a founding mother of the derby resurgence. Boston had their game faces on while warming up, but when the first jammer whistle blew, WOJ’s Soulfearic Acid handily scored six points. And by the sixth jam, Acid made a 30-point run look absolutely easy, ending the jam with WOJ 30, Boston 8. No wonder Acid (along with White Flight) was recently accepted onto the U.S. team for the first-ever World Cup in December in Toronto. She’s fast and wily, that one.

By the end of the first half, WOJ had pulled away considerably (WOJ 126, Boston 41)—but not for lack of trying on Boston’s part, with jammer Lil’ Paine valiantly rallying with a grand slam in the final minutes of the first period. But ultimately, Boston only had 20 more points in their future, while Portland racked up 113 by the final jam, with assists from Soulfearic Acid and birthday girl Scratcher in the Eye. Defensively, Boston was outmatched by WOJ’s powerhouse pack. FINAL: Portland’s Wheels of Justice 239, Boston Massacre 61.

Saturday’s doubleheader faced Portland’s B-team, the Axles of Annihilation with Seattle’s Rain of Terror. DJ Atom 13 was doing a fine job of getting the crowds hyped, as evidenced by AOA’s Napoleon Blownapart’s riotous dancing. She was ready to boogie. Seattle took the early lead right out of the gate, holding on to it ‘til the fifth jam, when AOA’s Blood Clottia, dodging and diving, grabbed the reins (Rains?) and pulled Portland ahead with an 18-point jam, AOA 39, Rain 30. Then turning on her electric slide, Napoleon went all greased lightning and grabbed 20 points from score-less Seattle in the next jam. Both teams were blocking like champs, with booty-blocking-supreme Foxy Throwdown heading up Seattle’s defenses, but it was during the second half of the first period that the Axles nailed it defensively. Blood Clottia (who fully earned her MVP award on this play) and Hurricane Skatrina blocked the entire Rain squad for a full minute while their teammates were in the penalty box—it was a beautiful act of defense. AOA 113, Rain 42 at halftime. The second half saw more of the same, with some outrageously good blocking by the Axles and scoring at will. Rain kept trying to recover from their deficit, but the writing was on the scoreboard. FINAL: Portland’s Axis of Annihilation 229, Seattle’s Rain of Terror 67.

RCRs Axis bumping Seattle.

Seattle: Your coach, Re-Animate Her, would really like to see a win.
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  • Seattle: Your coach, Re-Animate Her, would really like to see a win.

Next up on Saturday: Seattle’s Rat City All-Stars vs. Boston Massacre. Let’s get this out of the way: Boston’s Claire D. Way is a crazy-ass skater. She was riveting, giving it all like a kamikazed hyperactive Chihuahua, often looking like she was careening out of control, but fully in control and scoring often for the beleaguered Boston team. She too made the U.S. World Cup team. Seattle pulled ahead quickly in the bout, blocking Boston with purpose. It was 12 minutes into the first half before Boston’s Lil’ Paine got on the board. Boston narrowed the gap by halftime, Seattle 81, Boston 43. Claire D. Way strapped on a jetpack at one point during the second half to fly over a scrum of bodies, but Boston still trailed Seattle, as official timeouts kept piling up in the ref circle. But it wasn’t to be for the wicked crew from Massachusetts. FINAL: Seattle’s All-Stars 192, Boston Massacre, 89.

Boston Massacres Claire D. Way
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  • Boston Massacre's Claire D. Way

I couldn’t make it out to the early Sunday morning bout between Boston and Everett, Washington’s Jet City Rollergirls, but the dames of Boston finally got their comeuppance with a big win to mull over on their long trek back home. FINAL: Boston Massacre 199, Everett’s Jet City Rollergirls 83.

In WFTDA rankings, this leaves Portland #4, Seattle #6, and Everett #8 in the Western region, and Boston at #6 in Eastern region. Whew! And that’s the news that’s fit to skate.