A week after a controversial compost conversation at city council, the citywide plan to work food scraps into our trash service sailed through its final vote. The only negative commentary came from Amanda Fritz, who noted that her husband is bad at recycling. I can see the NY Post headline now: "COMPOST CRISIS CREATES DOMESTIC TRASH TALK!!"

I wrote about the details of the plans last week, but just a refresher:

Right around Halloween a brown compost bucket will show up on your porch. You'll be able to put any and all food in it, then dump said food into the big yard waste bin. This seems like it would be a simple switch, yet it's slated to cost $1.15 million and require hiring seven temporary staffers. It also changes regular, non-compost trash pickup to every other week, because running all three services (trash, recycling, socialist food scrap relocation program) every week would add up to $8 to our monthly bills. The 20 percent of people who are the biggest trash tossers will see their rates increase anyway under the new plan, even with the service switch.

Because of my Hall Monitor column this week, some people got the impression that I'm anti-compost. Never! Just skeptical about the pricetag for educating people about they can compost when the question elicits a single word answer.