Terrorist Attack Rocks Israel: Gunmen open fire on a bus, killing seven. Of course, Israel retaliates by attacking Gaza.

Smoke Pot? We'll Take Your Children. Clearly focusing on what's best for kids, New York's child welfare office routinely puts kids in foster care if their parents are found with even non-criminal amounts of pot.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner! The financial ratings group that downgraded the US from AAA to AA? Yeah, they're totally coincidentally the target of a federal investigation.

Time to Get Syria-ous: Obama finally tells the violent crackdown-loving Syrian president to step down.

Rick Perry: It's (Not) Gettin' Hot in Here. The Republican presidential candidate says y'all are lying about global warming.

Roughin' Up Reporters: A handful of reporters say Michele Bachmann has a goon squad that shoves reporters away.

So a Jihadist Walks into an Internet Cafe... and tells the world to cut off David Letterman's tongue.

Bike Sharing Saves Lives: Relevant to Portland's city council vote yesterday to try to fund bike sharing in Portland, the system in Barcelona has led to 12 less deaths a year on the city's streets.

TSA VS. TRANS: Transgendered people are sick of invasive airport security screenings.

The Obesity Vaccine: Scientists have found a drug that extends the lives of obese mice. I know, I know, animal rights and all but can you imagine a lab full of adorable fat mice?! Aaaaa! Science is best when it's cute.

In Other Cute Animal News: It's a wild capybara in LA!