Mass Exodus: An international group plans to conduct a massive evacuation of foreigners from Tripoli now that the Libya capital has been cut off by rebels.

The Chavez Touch: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez makes plan to nationalize the country's gold sector — half of which cones from illegal mining — and sever ties with US reserve banks.

Buzz Kill: Marijuana genome sequenced to maximize therapeutic benefits while cutting back on THC.

Babies in Jail: South Africa opens first prison "baby unit" for babies of imprisoned women. Here, mothers can take care of their infants, instead of sending them to foster care, while serving time.

Crazy on the Court: A "goodwill" basketball game between China's Bayi Rockets and the Georgetown Hoyas led to a on-court brawl — chair tossing included — on Thursday. The teams are set for a melee-less rematch on Sunday.

On the Run: Turns out Ellis McCoy, Portland parking manager under federal investigation, tried to leave his job in 2008, but was rejected by the city. He's now on administrative leave.

Fun's Over for Feral Hogs: Oregon officials are cracking down on invasive feral pigs across the state. Apparently they breed like nobody's business.

Sleazy News of the Day: Looks like Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry dabbled in the porn industry in the 90s. Hey-oo.

You Were Already Thinking It, But: Tom Waits and the Cookie Monster are the same person