Firstly, I should disclose that I watched last night's episode of Project Runway in the very presence of Portland contestant Bryce Black (who told me absolutely nothing of value, the fink). Luckily, he and fellow PDX contestant Becky Ross more or less skated through the dread Nina Challenge, in which the designers were tasked to come up with an office-to-industry-function get-up for the show's most useful judge (Michael, you are funnier, it's just by a hair).

What you see before me is what I think is the deservedly winning outfit (created by the quietly rad-seeming Kimberly, who seems a little weary with her talent for pants, but you know: OMG PANTS).

Sorry to say, our "Colorado Mountain Woman" Julie bit the dust this week:

I honestly thought the judges were overly harsh here. Her coat dress was totally sufficient, if a little quirky.

All in all, a pretty ho-hum episode. Joshua didn't even say anything funny. ALSO: Good god Nina's boss is intense.

Yeesh. Till next week.