Libya Belongs to the Rebels Now: The opposition fighters control Tripoli, though Qaddafi is nowhere to be found. The surge happened thanks in part to a NATO assist... and now comes the hard part: holding the country together.

DSK to get Dismissed: It looks like the New York DA will drop all rape charges against the IMF chief.

US Hikers Get Eight Years: The young hikers accused of spying on Iran get a harsh sentence.

Stocks: Doing marginally better!

Vegetables in the Name of Jeeeesus! Southern Baptists preachers take to calling for healthier diets.

"Superstitious Nonsense": Judges rules that a teacher who dismissed Creationism as mumbo jumbo can't be sued.

The Illegitimate Tribes: Several small Native America tribes are told, "Nah, you don't count."

West Memphis Three Freed! If you've been following the case of three men likely wrongfully imprisoned in Tennessee, their saga may have a happy ending.

Ever Wondered What Placenta Tastes Like? Jerky.

Yay or Nay? High fashion "slave earrings"?

The World's Oldest Fossil. Isn't something awesome like a dinosaur but here, check it out:

Old Ameobas.
  • Old Ameobas.