Jesus fucking CHRIST I go out of town for ONE GODDAMN WEEKEND and look at what fucking happens: NO ONE POSTS THE NEW GHOST RIDER TRAILER. Way to let Blogtown go to shit while I'm gone, everyone.

Anyway: There's a new Ghost Rider, I guess, even though the first one was... y'know... Ghost Rider. Because why the hell not, Nicolas Cage is still starring as whatever-the-fuck-his-face-who-turns-into-a-fire-skeleton-on-a-motorcycle, and the batshit auteurs who directed Crank, Gamer, and Crank: High Voltage are directing, so I suppose here's Cage in, if not the role he was born to play, at least a role that paid him some money so he could afford to buy another castle.

Hot damn, I will watch the hell out of that. (Sony! You can use that quote on the poster! Get on it!) Also, congrats, BFF bro-down directors, for adequately answering a question that no one has ever, ever asked about Ghost Rider's pee.