I know that not every hairstylist/pedicurist/facialist/masseuse/waxer probably isn't always completely sincere in their pleasantries and compliments, but for chrissakes when you are in their hands you'd do well not to piss them off, in order to prevent a reaction such as the one expressed in today's I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day:

Funny, when you didn't get what you wanted, you turned into just another one of those self centered, narcissistic, Clairol bitches who wants someone else to perform magic tricks on their neglected, over processed head full of shit hair.

Now can can just go and take your shit hair all the way over to the I, Anonymous blog your damn self and get your confession/rant out in the open for your friends to see and secretly suspect is directed at them. Ya freak Clairol bitch!