Taking a cue from the Book of Raffi—a real book of gospel truth that is not to be taken lightly—Portland singer/songwriter Laura Veirs has prepped her next album, and it's for those of us who are young at heart... oh, whatever. It's for kids. The name of the album is even Tumble Bee: Laura Veirs Sings Folk Songs for Children, so there's none of this whimsical pretense that it's meant for everybody. Still, Veirs tackling a batch of old folk songs has its own appeal, and I'm willing to bet that non-breeders might get a kick out of some of the tracks. Not to mention there's an original song that Veirs co-wrote with Karl Blau, plus a cover of Harry Belafonte's "Jump Down Spin Around." A full tracklisting appears after the jump.

Tumble Bee: Laura Veirs Sings Folk Songs for Children was produced by Veirs' freshly married husband and longtime collaborator Tucker Martine and includes guest appearances by Blau, Basia Bulat (whose Ted Leo cover you should check out right now), Colin Meloy, Jim James, Bela Fleck, and drummer Brian Blade. It comes out November 8 on Raven Marching Band Records.

End Hits: I wonder if this means she cut down on all that cursing.

1. Little Lap Dog Lullaby — Traditional
2. Prairie Lullaby — Billy Hill
3. Jack Can I Ride? — Traditional
4. Tumblebee — Karl Blau
5. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O — Traditional
6. All the Pretty Little Horses — Traditional
7. The Fox — Traditional
8. Jump Down Spin Around — Harry Belafonte
9. Why Oh Why — Woody Guthrie
10. Down in the Medder — Laura Veirs/Karl Blau
11. Soldier’s Joy — Jimmy Driftwood
12. Jamaica Farewell — Lord Burgess
13. Prairie Dream — Rob Burger