"What is this 'Housefire Publishing'?" you might well ask. Jacob Schraer explains in our profile of Housefire in this week's book section:

If you make it your business to attend readings in Portland, you've probably come across one of Housefire Publishing's bacchanals, or seen one of its founders reading at our many local events. Started in January, Housefire is already responsible for chapbooks, readings, a pretty happening Tumblr, and on Tuesday, August 23, its first book, Nouns of Assemblage.

Nouns of Assemblage evolved from an unfinished gallery project into a short-story collection. Prompt subjects structure the book; contributors were given only story titles—nouns—to work with. The theme is creatures: mammals, reptiles, bacteria, etc. Considering that the stories have little to do with one another, the overall structural and stylistic integrity is astounding. The book contains over 60 whirlwind stories, some as short as three sentences, but each one thoughtful and considered. Readers will find a host of familiar names from the small-press stratosphere; locals Matty Byloos, Colleen Rowley, Kevin Sampsell, and Carrie Seitzinger are featured along with the likes of Jamie Iredell and Matthew Simmons.

The release party is tonight at the Blue Monk, 3341 SE Belmont, 8 pm, $12 (includes copy of the book)