Every once in a while, someone will come to me out of the blue, having done a photo shoot for the sake of experience, fun, whatever, that needs a home. Such was the case with Sara Cavalletto, a wholesale consultant for for Stella McCartney and Balenciaga, who got together with photographer Jay Robert Flewelling to produce this shoot "to prove Portland guys could be so smart and elegant if they want to!" All the clothing they used is vintage and borrowed from friends. As Cavalletto explains it, "Why we chose to use our friends' clothing? Because all guys have smart clothes in their wardrobe thay thay simply won't use!... WHY!!??" All frustrations aside, the end result is a smart one indeed, thanks in no small part to Dimitrios Finney, who's a college athlete, not a professional model, but if this is any indication, he could be. Check out the rest of the photos over on MOD.