"Toda persona gay es parte de la familia de alguien."

Basic Rights Oregon and immigrant-rights group CAUSA launched a Spanish-language radio campaign today to bolster support for gay marriage among Oregon's Latino communities. Listen to the ad here—it includes that funny, super-deep voice that seems to be the sound of every Spanish radio ad ever made.

The ad is interesting, it focuses on respect for gay people and frames being supportive of gay marriage as a part of that respect. The main voice in the ad is a Latina woman who talks about her son facing rejection just because he's gay. Here's an excerpt:

“Every gay person is part of someone’s family. As a Latina, I believe in loving my neighbor, in treating others as we would like to be treated, and in never turning our backs on family. Marriage has brought so much happiness to my life. And I wouldn’t want any member of anyone’s family—gay or straight—to be denied that chance at happiness.”

Oregon's Latino population has grown from eight percent of the people in the state in 2000 to 11.7 percent in 2010. Basic Rights Oregon is eyeing a statewide ballot measure to okay gay marriage in the state as soon as 2012. Support for gay marriage has been ticking upward in the state and, nationwide, Latinos have been identified as a swing group of voters on the issue,