Libya Update: In a radio address from hiding, Gadhafi calls withdrawal from compound a "tactical move". But looks like he left something important behind.

Meanwhile: Libya's foreign minister declares that Gadhafi's "grip on power" is over.

Irene vs. the Bahamas: Hurricane Irene gains strength with 115 mph winds, roughs up Bahamas. Follow her path here.

Big Number of the Day:
According to a new estimate, the world now contains 8.7 million species —┬ábut counting them all could take 1,000 years. Ready, go.

Obligatory Bull Semen Story: Canisters of frozen bull semen spill from a Greyhound bus, shutting down a Tennessee interstate and leading to a general freak-out.

In Bad Police News of the Day: An off-duty Portland police officer attempts to ditch Tillamook county deputy. Didn't work. Sean Sothern was awarded a DUII, bumping the Portland Police Bureau DUII count up to four over the past nine months.

Kid Stuff: Remember yesterday's goat-napping (kid-napping, perhaps)? Turns out it had been snatched from the Goat Rental NW lot.

Chopping Down Chivas?: Portland Timbers face Chivas USA tonight for a chance for a playoff spot. (Check back in tonight as Timbers correspondent Brian Gjurgevich live-blogs a crucial match for Portland at the House of Pane.)

Oh, the Horror: Shocking photos capture the east coast earthquake's damage.

And on the West Coast: Two earthquakes hit California, no one cares.