This Saturday at the Bossanova, the first-ever BurgundyFest hits Portland, promising to celebrate all things Anchorman and "test the boundries of merry-making, polyester, laughter, and upper-lip hair development." The festivities, as outlined by old high-school pals/current Salem residents/BurgundyFest organizers Shad Barnes and Justin Labhart:

• 700-plus polyester-clad partygoers sipping upon cool libations
Anchorman trivia
• Irreverent News Readaroke with some already confirmed local celebs
• Costume contest
• Jazz flute solo with Zamfir wannabe Danny Bailey
• The Baxter Punt Contest
• The Afternoon Delight Singers
• DJ Navigator spins Anchorman-themed tunes as well as gyration-inspiring dance numbers

Since I vaguely recall writing, at some point, in print, possibly after drinking, that Anchorman is one of the funniest movies ever made—which obviously, makes that sentiment 100 percent factually accurate—I decided to email Barnes to ask him, amongst other things, how many times he and Labhart have seen Anchorman. "If you add up all the clips, along with all the times we have watched it play through as a regular movie... probably more than 600 times," he said. "And that doesn't include the additional, DVD-only release of Wake Up Ron Burgundy. It is sick really."

"If we are successful enough, we would like to plan for another BurgundyFest in the winter sometime, possibly in Eugene or Seattle," Barnes says. "Obviously, our hope is to one day take our dog and pony show to San Diego. However, no matter what, we will have a BurgundyFest once a year in P-Town. You gotta stay true to your roots!"

Here's a detail that will shock absolutely no one: The event itself was inspired by Lebowski Fest. "Our seminal moment came last year when we attended the Lebowski Fest on the heels of the Warrior Dash," Barnes says. "Both those events left my buddy Justin and I buzzing with ideas and a desire to take a run at pulling this off. The movie choice was easy—Anchorman is the balls and the wealth of ways to celebrate such a classic are unlimited. I don't know though... Teen Wolf Too was pretty damned good." Barnes is taking one particular cue from the general vibe at Lebowski Fest. "More than the programming or the swag available there, Lebowski Fest sported an environment where people really cut loose and had a good time... largely in costumes."

Since booking the Bossanova for the event—in part because it's a bar that "oozes with the same feel as Tino's (the bar where Ron does his flute solo in the movie)"—Barnes & Co. have been dressing up as Anchorman's Channel Four News Team and hitting Portland's weekend bar scene to drum up attention. "It is incredible how people react when Burgundy, Fantana, and Champ Kind come walking up," Barnes says. "On Saturday we were in downtown Portland just walking the street and people were lined up four-to-six people deep sometimes, wanting to get a picture with us or asking what the heck we were cooking up. People are always genuinely excited. My favorite quote on Saturday night was 'What took you guys so long to come up with this?'"

Whether or not BurgundyFest will succeed is, I'd say, anybody's guess—the Bossanova's a big space, tickets are on the pricey side ($25 in advance, $30 at the door), and, beloved as it is, Ron Burgundy doesn't quite have the massive cult following enjoyed by the Dude. That said, Barnes seems to be going all-out to make this thing work—which isn't to say that everything he'd hoped for will happen. "We were trying to think of a cool way to reenact the 'Cannonball!!' scene that appears in the early part of the film," he says, "but we couldn't figure out how to get a pool/diving board into the Bossanova. Besides, we gotta save some new juice for BurgundyFest II."