Wha?? Men playing roller derby?! Next thing we know they'll be asking to vote.

The ladies of the Rose City Rollers are making way for something beefier at the Hangar this Friday. It's the first home game for the Portland Men's Roller Derby (also known as Stumptown Derby), who'll be taking on Eugene's Lane County Concussion (check out their logo, it's pretty sweet). The Portland league has been around and recruiting since the summer of 2009, peppered with players that have coached and ref'd and just been fans of women's roller derby. I'm excited to see how the play will differ from the women's league—I've been told it's definitely more physical, more testosterone-y, with slightly fewer booty shorts. The hour-long bout starts at 8 pm. You can get your $10 tickets to "a sporting contest of rollerskating gentlemen" here.

Don't worry, the ladies will be back out on the track on Saturday to take on Boise.