Ugh, okay, so this is coming to town: A mobile bike shop at the Ace Hotel hosted by Levi's and Urban Outfitters.

It's to celebrate the creation of some bike pants that merit their own video:

On the one hand, it's good that biking is becoming so mainstream that you can now buy a pair of All-American bikey Levi's. On the other hand, the one thing biking doesn't need is more expensive, specialized clothing that makes the mode of transportation seem like a hip clique. Especially when the pants only come in cuts for men. The nervousness about not riding a bike correctly—not even, "Am I in the right lane?" but, "Am I cool enough for this? Do I look ridiculous?"—keeps some people from getting on a bike at all.

So when the Levi's/Urban Outfitters extravaganza shows up in September, remember: You don't need fancy pants to ride a bicycle. In Oregon, legally, you don't need any pants at all to ride a bicycle.