After 11 years, the Deus Ex series finally has a worthwhile sequel.

I still consider the original Deus Ex to be one of the top five games ever created — the others would be Half-Life, StarCraft, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Peggle — and while the newly released Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn't trump the original, it makes the first sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, somehow look even worse than it already did.

Full details — or, at least, as "full" as one can get from a 330-word block o' text — can be found in this week's edition of our wood pulp counterpart, as well as on its HTML analogue.

While I would normally tell you guys to just skip the review and just buy the damn game before any more time is wasted, I've already used that gag. So, y'know, read the review, then go buy the game. Then after you spend 40 hours killing jerks in cyberpunk Detroit, come back to the paper and read Dan Savage's column.

When it comes to wangs and cooters, that dude knows his stuff.