The Libya Summit: Libyan rebels meet and greet heads of state at a major summit in France.

Meanwhile, Vacay! A UCLA student is bumming around with the rebels for summer vacation.

US Bombs Yemen: Airstrikes in the country are said to have killed some Al Qaeda members.

Iraq vs. Afghanistan: A casualty-free month for US soldiers in Iraq vs. the deadliest month so far in Afghanistan.

MyFace: Facebook will be launching some sort of music platform so all your friends can invite you to listen to their crappy bands.

Cohabitation: Right or Wrong? The NYTimes opens debate on whether living together makes you a bad parent.

Jihad Rap: A popular former German rapper with knuckle tattoos reading STR8 THUG is now inspiring bombings.

Blimey, Limeys! London rioters head to court en masse.

Do We Really Need to Talk About Huntsman's Jobs Plan? Let me guess, tax breaks for the rich?

Or Rick Perry's Thoughts on Abortion? Ugh, look at the kinds of anti-choice laws he supports.

Steven Seagal Killed a Puppy?! This cannot stand. Also, please note that this story is about Seagal launching a raid on the house of man named Jesus who was a cockfighting king. Allegedly.

Annnd Mustache Monkeys are at the San Francisco Zoo. oOOOooo!