Brace yourself, baby animal fans. So — everyone.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, several kittens were thrown from a moving gold minivan at North Peninsular Ave. and Willis Blvd. early this morning.The van sped off, but bystanders managed to grab two of the three kittens (sounds like the other ran off). Of the two, one had to be put down after suffering severe injuries.

Potentially worst pie graph every created.
  • Potentially worst pie graph every created.

This inhumanity falls in the category of first degree animal abuse in Oregon, marking it a felony. Both the Oregon Humane Society Investigations Department and PPB are both on the lookout for suspects and witnesses, offering $1,000 for any information on the incident.

First Steven Seagal shoots a puppy, now THIS? Something's terribly wrong in the world of cute. And humanity.

According to statistics from — an online animal abuse database — Oregon animal abuse classifications released today, "throwing" remains at 8 percent of types of abuse statewide. The leading cause is neglect and abandonment, followed by shooting and then hoarding. With such a horrifying list of classifications, I hope to never find out what lies in the "other" category. Ick.