TechCrunch just found a doozy of a lawsuit:

A recent class action lawsuit filed in Seattle district court alleges that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system collects users’ location data, even after offering users the chance to opt out...The offending bit of code rests in Windows Phone 7′s camera application. When fired up for the first time, WP7′s camera app asks users if they want to allow the device to use their location. No matter what option is actually selected, the device begins to collect the data anyway.

TechCrunch goes on to explain that after Apple was sued for collecting data, Microsoft "sent a letter to Congress stating among other things that Windows Phone 7 will not store any location data unless a user has 'expressly allowed an application to collect' it." I bet hundreds of anti-Apple, pro-Microsoft tech blog commenters around the world are now crafting apologetic open letters expressing regret for their zealousness in attacking Apple for their location data issues.