Today's eye-boning comes courtesy of the Multnomah County Library, where I found the following book appropriately entitled, THE STUD (by Barbara Delinsky).


Here's the plot:

Not something that the president of a large chain of successful department stores is used to asking for - and certainly not from her best friend's older brother.
But then, Jenna McCue's never gone looking for "stud" services before.
And yet, when you think about it, is it really such a big favor? Spencer Smith's a professional adventurer - he might look on this as one. After all, he'd be doing something he's never done before. and it would only take a few minutes of his time with a test tube in a doctor's office.
And then she would have a baby! The ultimate adventure!

And here's a five star reader review of the book from Amazon:

This is, perhaps, the most flawless and satisfying piece of modern romance fiction on the market today. Delinsky is a marvel who takes us on an emotional and passionate ride through lust and love. She spices up even the most mundane suburban life. Jenna's "Stud" is a man in every sense of the word. This novel is jucier than prime rib.

You've read enough. And after the jump? You will be EYE BONED.


Commence... EYE BONING!!




Phew! Consider yourself eye boned. AND eye "impregnated." It's the ultimate adventure!