Libya Update: Recovered documents from Libya's spymaster office illustrate the suspiciously close relationship between the CIA and Libyan officials.

Wikileaks Gets Wikileaked: The entire collection of Wikileak's data and documents, chock full of the identities of secret sources and diplomats, has been released on the internet.

Vaycay over: Libyan rebels get fed up with their UCLA tag-along, ask him to leave.

Leering Lee: Tropical Storm Lee crawls slowly towards the Gulf Coast as Louisiana and Mississippi towns brace for flooding.

Fed Crackdown: The federal government sues against 17 financial institutions, claiming they misrepresented their underlying loans.

Breaking Bad?: A California State University, San Bernardino kinesiology professor has been uncovered as the leader of a large methamphetamine ring.

Bad News in the North: Six teens were shot, wounded, last night in North Portland, police suspect the incident was gang-related.

In Other Drug News: A Canadian offices believes it was poisoned by coworkers brownies. Turns out they were just high.

Bird Exodus: Portland Audubon Society has teamed up with the city to round up and remove nearly 100 ducks and geese at Westmoreland Park in hopes of restoring the creek that runs through the park.

Classic Coffee Jerks: Pissed-off coffee drinkers from 50s coffee commercials. It's relevant, I swear.