No Love for Obama: The president's approval rating hits an all-time low at below 50 percent.

Escaaaaaape! Gaddafi loyalists flee Libya in a caravan headed for Niger.

US Spied on Israel: A leaked transcript shows that the government has been eavesdropping on Israel.

Women in Control: A look at the world's largest matrilineal society, an obscure Muslim group in Indonesia that reveres women.

Prosecuting the Poor: The author of Nickle and Dimed argues that we've started criminalizing poorness.

Thanks, Pops: Speaking of poor, many baby boomers plan to leave their children nothing.

Falling off Falls: So far, 18 people have died in Yosemite this summer, an insane uptick from the usual tourist deaths.

Holy Shit! It's a 21-foot crocodile!

Gun Crazy Weekend: In Portland, six teens were shot this weekend. But in NYC, 48 people were hit by bullets over the last three days.

First Day of School! And many Portland teachers have to cope with class sizes of 40 students.

Oregon: Still on Fire. Did you smell all that smoke over the weekend? The Dollar Lake Fire near Mount Hood is now up to 4,100 acres.