Because viral marketing leaked set videos are an excellent way for studios to get free publicity in this less-than-ideal economic climate what all the movie bloggers can't get enough of these days, here's some incredibly clear, incredibly well-staged video that mysteriously managed to escape the set of World War Z. Why, it's almost like they wanted this to get out, possibly to counteract peoples' grumpy reaction to the film's synopsis, which doesn't sound anything like Max Brooks' book. (That book's surprisingly solid, FYI, if you haven't already read it—billed as "an oral history of the zombie war," it's about 10 times more clever and far-reaching than it has any need to be.)

Anyway, looks like the zombies are fast now, and they also turn really fast, which renders a lot of the book's scariest segments null and void. But okay, sure, whatever—unless they were gonna go full-on faux-Ken Burns with this movie (which would've been pretty cool, just for the record), this is probably the generic sort of zombie movie we were gonna end up with all along. At this point—since we don't know how much of Brooks' World War Z will end up in Hollywood's World War Z, but it doesn't look like much—it's probably best for the book's fans to just keep their fingers crossed that it'll end up smarter and scarier than The Walking Dead, at least. If it does, hey, semi-victory!

I guess my point is, here's a zombie having a seizure.