The hot Labor Day weekend spawned a whole new slew of I, Anonymooses for your prickly enjoyment, including this one which I've read five times and still don't understand. Something about "paroky birds" and "bikini mechanics"? And "car washes"? I don't get you people sometimes. Anyway, then there was this dick:

Dear bike supremacists who blow stop signs when I, a humble pedestrian, have the right of way: The next time you do this I’m going to do everything within my power to knock you off your bike. Then I am going to stomp every one of your ribs, and then I’m going to stomp every one of your spokes. I will also rob you if time permits.

This isn’t a threat. I promise I will do this.

OOOOOH! I'm soooooooooo scared! Jesus, what a piece of shit this guy is. Be sure to let him know just how full of shit he is in our "Anony-poll"—and while you're at it, submit your own I, Anonymous rant. (After all, you can't be any more douchey than this guy... can you?)