Back in March, I wrote about plans for a new publication devoted solely to dance—a response, in part, to poor coverage of Portland's dance scene from the local media. (Guilty. We rarely write about dance, for a combination of reasons: Shows have brief runs, so they're often impossible to review on a weekly schedule; it's tough to find and keep good dance freelancers; dance is much harder to write about than narrative-based art forms.) At the time, I interviewed one of the founders of FRONT, choreographer Tahni Holt, about why she feels Portland needs a print forum for conversations about dance:

FRONT exists because there is a lack of information out there about contemporary dance. We feel it necessary to be a part of shaping public opinion. Previews and reviews are about as much print as dance gets in this town and much of it, with a few exceptions, is written by people that are more equipped to be writing about visual art or theater. Contemporary dance is in conversation with so many other forms but does not get the same real-estate. We are pro-active, instead of complain we make a newspaper.

Tonight sees a release party for the first edition of FRONT, titled "Moves When Folded"—drop by Ford Food and Drink (2505 SE 11th) from 5:30-7 pm for a free copy, if you're curious.