9/11/11 Comin' Up!: New audio tapes show how firefighters responded to the attacks. Meanwhile, here's a list of lessons not learned after 9/11.

Master Debating: Looks like Perry and Romney did the best in last night's Republican debate. Though most of the night was pretty ridiculous.

Gaddafi: "Don't You Care About Me?" Libya's hold-out leader says he hasn't fled the country.

The Google Plex: How much energy does it take to run all Google's web searches? 280 million watts, about a quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant.

Reese Witherspoon Hit By Car!: An 84-year-old crashed into Reese while she was out jogging.

Dumpster Living: You think your housemate who brings home Dumpstered hummus is bad, check out this guy who converted a Dumpster into a house.

Fashion Designer Fined for Anti-Semitism: France has stricter free speech laws than the US, like that a famous fashion designer can be fined $8,500 for calling someone a "dirty Jew."

Gumby Foiled in 7/11 Robbery: Apparently, a giant Gumby costume makes for a cumbersome robbery.


You Overpaid Us! Portland's retired police and firefighters sue to keep money they were accidentally overpaid.

Convenient Connection: Drug companies paid Oregon doctors a helluva lot of money.