PICA's 2011 Time-Based Art festival kicks off tonight. The festival's free visual arts programming is once again hosted at Washington High School (531 SE 14th) in Southeast—doors open tonight at 8 pm. Then at 9 pm, the aforementioned public installation The Hidden Lives of Bridges runs at 15-minute increments until 11 pm. And as always, the fest kicks off with a free opening night party at Washington High.

At 11 pm:

There is dance music—in all its many forms—and there is New Orleans sissy bounce, and never the twain shall meet. Brewed deep in the pulsating nightlife of the Crescent City and popularized by the charismatic Big Freedia, bounce is an intense, freak-heavy, sweat-heavier, dancefloor eruption that makes just about everything else in this world seem wholesome and predictably tame in comparison. Vockah Redu (Javocca Davis) is an icon of the sissy bounce experience, a master of cultivating a deep-rooted sexualized sound that borrows from both Dirty South hiphop and performance art (albeit, performance art that isn’t afraid to pop some booty) to create a mesmerizing sound that’ll beckon you to the shake it ’til you make it. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

And at midnight:

If you have ever been compelled—truly compelled, as if the Holy Spirit were shaking your hips for you—to dance, chances are Beyondadoubt (or her slightly more constrained alter ego, DJ Beyonda) was the DJ perched behind the turntables. Her monthly “I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul” night is a Portland institution like no other, and her connection to New Orleans’ bounce music is at the core of her freak nasty Buck & Bounce party. Tonight Beyondadoubt kicks off TBA in a down and dirty fashion with a sultry set of thick grooves and (quite literal) booty shaking. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

And now might be a good time to revisit the TBA Survival Kit post that Patrick Alan Coleman did last year.

Oh, and apologies in advance to the regulars at Hal's. Art people are about to fuck up your local. (It's my local too if that's any consolation.)