SPEAKERS! They sound better than they look.

The last day for the Regal Broadway Metroplex was this past Monday; aside from a forlorn box of battered, free movie posters at the door, there wasn't much fanfare about its closing. I went to see Conan the Barbarian on Sunday afternoon—partly because I wanted to see a battlefield Caesarian from Baby Conan's P.O.V., but mostly because I wanted to see one last movie at the Broadway—and there were all of five other people in the auditorium. Kind of a whimper.

HOWEVER! Silver lining: The Hollywood Theatre scored a bunch of the Broadway's old equipment. Dan Halsted, the Hollywood's head programmer/technical director, went into detail about the stuff, which was secured by Film Action Oregon's Executive Director Doug Whyte. "It means massive improvements for us," Halsted said. "The sound systems in all three auditoriums will be the first upgrade the public will notice... huge subwoofers and surround sound." He also noted that they nabbed "projectors, lamphouses, amplifiers, new lenses, speakers, and more."

It's a windfall for the non-profit Hollywood. "Regal donated all the equipment to us in return for a tax write-off," Halsted says. "It's tens of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment, so it's a great deal for both sides."

Considering how digital's replacing 35mm in chain theaters—and a lot of independent theaters—Halsted points to the Broadway's 35mm equipment as a particularly meaningful acquisition for the Hollywood. "With projectors becoming more and more scarce, this ensures that we will be able to run 35mm for the next century," Halsted says. "Digital is taking over, and we have digital projectors as well, but 35mm projection will always exist at the Hollywood Theatre."