Tragedy struck on last night edition of Project Runway and I'm not just talking about Joshua's cray-cray wicked outburst in the workroom with Bert. I'm still not convinced that Bert has deserved all the trash talking the other designers have thrown at him, but he does have a tendency to say something and then immediately deny having said it. But for the record Bert, we all watched you say "So much for my fucking clocks." Not that it should matter all that much, Josh.

And you thought his eyebrows were intense!

In all seriousness, though, the tragedy I was referring to was the fact that Portland contestant Becky Ross was sent home. I can't say I'm surprised. She's been deservedly noticed a few times by the judges for her tailoring skills, but her design aesthetic has been very flat, and we're beginning to get down to the nitty gritty competition. She also never seemed to have gotten very comfortable with the other designers, and seemed a little relieved to be given an exit.

But let's back up: This week was a group challenge (a surefire way to stoke drama with this crowd) in which the designers were split into two teams of five and incorporated patterns of their own design into mini collections, for which they also had to create a complimentary ambient film. Becky's team named itself "Nuts and Bolts" and had a whack time/clock-theme going on (lots of cog-inspired clothing… cogs… uh) featuring three terrible prints of clock innards, numbers, and—my favorite because it's just so perfectly horrible—Joshua's "graffiti" print of the words "cancelled," "delayed," and "on time," which as Kors pointed out are probably not words a woman wants all over her body.

By contrast, Bryce's team, "Team Chaos," knocked it out of the park. Anya got the win overall, which she had coming, but I disagreed when they called out Bryce's look as being the weakest.

Meanwhile, the Project Runway show at New York Fashion Week happened just a couple hours ago. The New York Post has a few early photos up (although within hours I'm sure they will be everywhere). I'm thinking I see some good Anya looks in there... But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Becky, let's have a proper goodbye.

Stay tuned for next week, when the designers have to dress people who have unreasonable qualities for a fashion designer to deal with: Normal bodies. Can't wait to wrap that up!