There's some action over on the TBA blog today: I write about last night's fantastic opening night show (which included some a very sexy bonus dancer during DJ Beyonda's set), Virginia Thayer considers the big public art piece The Hidden Lives of Bridges, and intrepid gal reporter Sarah Mirk takes on the CASE OF THE DEFLATING BOUNCY CASTLE. It's all right over here.

And a bunch of great-sounding shows open tonight: I'm particularly keen to see Rude Mechs, a highly regarded Austin based company whose The Method Gun is about a troupe of guru-influenced actors who take nine years to produce an adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire; Kyle Abrahams The Radio Show, a dance performance that investigates the decline of community-based African American radio in Philadelphia; and Taylor Mac's Comparison Is Violence: or The Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim Songbook, which is directly inspired by the kind of glib comparison that every arts writer has made at some time or another, in this case that Mac is like "Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim." PICA will sell you tickets.