Egypt Lets Loose: In an upset triggered by Israel's treatment of Palestine, Egyptian protesters rush Cairo's Israeli embassy, tearing down its protective brick wall and threatening workers. In response, most of Israel's diplomatic staff, including the ambassador, flee and fly home.

Meanwhile, in Space: NASA launches a probe studying the lunar gravity and planetary make-up of the moon

Twitter Scare: NBC News' Twitter account was hacked by an unknown source, announcing that ground zero was under attack. Just what anxious followers need.

Internet Faux Pas #2: A Japanese air traffic controller blogged the path of President Obama's Air Force One, leading to an in-depth investigation.

Messing With Texas: Photos capture the cruel combination of Texas' drought and wildfires.

These People Have Amazing Memories of the Day: Americans recall September 10, 2001.

Big Shake, Little Impact: A 6.7-magnitude earthquake rattles the shores surrounding Vancouver, B.C. Nothing happened, really.

Missing the Beat: Portland's hip-hop charter school, REAL, shuts down due to administrator unpreparedness. Family and students bummed.