The Radio Show Promotional Video from Kyle Abraham/ on Vimeo.

Our TBA coverage continues! (Well actually, it kinda just started. You've got a whole week of this ahead of you.)

On the blog :

One outdoor TBA performance was interrupted by an angry drunk guy—the best part was watching the crowd try to figure out if it was part of the show.

Jesse Sugarmann's Lido (The Pride Is Back) creates a slow-motion car crash by placing three Chryslers on 42 slowly inflating air mattresses—you can catch that performance live today at 4 pm and 7 pm at Washington HIgh. We've got a review of the piece, plus an interview with Sugarmann, right here.

Our reviewer found Kyle Abraham's The Radio Show to be a moving "reflection on loss, how to build a community, and the stages of intimate relationships. She also said—and yes, this is the part that made me decide to catch its final performance tonight—that "Sometimes it feels like you’re watching outtakes of Fame."

I fell hard for Austin-based experimental theater company the Rude Mechs, calling their show The Method Gun "focused, funny, and breathtakingly surprising." I meant ALL of those words. The show runs through Tuesday—I highly recommend it. It has a talking tiger.

Noah Dunham found Taylor Mac's drag performance Comparison is Violence, or The Ziggy Stardust Meets Tiny Tim Songbook super entertaining, but questions whether cabaret is the best medium for the points the show is trying to make.

Plus, the comment thread on my TBA pass giveaway—where I asked folks to critique a picture of my cat—is pretty excellent. (It even features a weird, Todd Mecklem-related twist.)

All that and so much more on our TBA blog.