So as mentioned this morning, I participated in the first annual Invitational SE Neighborhood Mixed Doubles Badminton Championships yesterday—and my team LOST. I will readily admit I wasn't at my best; the birdie was having trouble finding the head of my racquet, my slams were repeatedly landing out of bounds, and while my drop shots were dropping, they were doing so on my side of the net.
During the first game of the semi-finals, I was playing on the backhand (or left) side of the court. HOWEVER! At the beginning of the second game, I asked my partner if she would rather play the backhand side, to which she responded:

Ummm... YEAH. I think I will, "sieve-y."

I thought she meant, "Civvy," like a "civilian," but when I asked her to elaborate, she said:
No, SIEVE-Y. Like your racquet is a "sieve." One that filters out BIRDIES!

Naturally, I was furious, and decided to retaliate accordingly. Whenever the opposing team would hit the birdie high in the air, setting me up for a slam, I would turn at the last second and slam the birdie down on my opponent's head. So yeah... we lost that game, too, as well as the tournament. Now I'm thinking that my approach to the situation may not have been the most ethical. WHAT DO YOU THINK?