Our former neighbors Club 21—the finest dive bar in the land—has changed ownership and has been undergoing renovations at the hands of the fine folks responsible for Gold Dust Meridian. Not to worry: the Club's homey, divey appeal will reportedly remain preserved, just spruced up a tad. (Or as their Facebook page says, "Totally the same Club, just not grody.") The faux-castle exterior and the infamous "Steaks" sign aren't going anywhere, and they've totally redone and expanded the outside patio. We assume the decades-old scent of deep-fried tater tots will still be embedded into every pore of the building.

During the renovation, the Club has been closed for a few weeks, but a grand reopening is scheduled for this Thursday, September 15 [UPDATE: The grand reopening has been rescheduled for Friday, September 23]. To celebrate, a stack of local bands will play the free party, including Sons of Huns, the Lordy Lords, Advisory, and the No Tomorrow Boys. Since the Mercury office has moved downtown, the Club has been sorely missed, and we can't wait to see it in its newest incarnation.