Yesterday there was a flood of September 11th anniversary, how-have-we-changed articles around and I didn't link to any of them. But I think this little piece in the San Francisco Bay Citizen is really interesting: "The Unwritten Codes Muslims Live by After 9/11" based on interviews with a dozen Bay Area Muslims.

Here are the rules:
• Plan on Being Questioned or Detained in Airports
• Speak as if They Might Be Listening (that means: If someone makes a joke about jihad, make sure someone eavesdropping knows it's a joke)
• Assume Your Correspondence Is Being Monitored
• Remember: You Are Not Guilty of the 9/11 Attacks

A surprising Gallup poll of American Muslims published last month showed that while 50 percent of Muslims said they experienced religious or racial discrimination with the last year, they were the religious group with the highest faith in the fairness of American elections.