Experimental 1/2 Hour
  • Experimental 1/2 Hour

I saw drag artist Taylor Mac's show last night, and found it funny and thought-provoking—although I liked it more than a few of our other writers. There's some point/counterpoint action over here.

We review last night's Works show Whispering Pines, which Jenna Lechner favorably describes as "Opera meets New Age meets Spandex."

There are only two more performances of Rude Mechs' excellent The Method Gun, which I'm hoping to see for a second time tonight. It's a show I keep trying to get my friends to see—perfect, I think, for people who are theoretically interested in this contemporary performance stuff, but in practice think everything seems expensive and weird. I wrote about it here. (I'll probably do another writeup once the show is over, since there are a few things about the show I didn't want to give away before people had a chance to see it.)

Tonight at Washington High School, Experimental 1/2 Hour curates an evening of local, cable-access based entertainment:

Cable access in the flesh. Tonight the Works stage is offered up to Portland Community Media’s Experimental ½ Hour, a show that biweekly unearths the oddity and originality that cable access has always permitted (if not guaranteed). This special TBA edition features an interactive performance from Lucky Dragons; an “industrial S&M band”; and plenty more from the true fringes of Portland’s experimental music and video communities. AH

That's 10:30 pm at Washington High School, $5-8. For tickets 'n' other details, see PICA's website.