HEY LADIES—A historical talk about lesbian separatist communities in Oregon? Yes. Please. The only way this could be better is if there were snacks. Oh, wait, it's in a bar? Dear Lord. This installment of Oregon Encyclopedia's Stumptown Stories series is a must see. SM
Jack London Bar at the Rialto, 529 SW 4th, 7:30 pm, FREE

—The people who cut the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's latest, Contagion, made a pretty brilliant move: They showed Gwyneth Paltrow dying in the trailer. Trailer makers, you could've convinced me with "Soderbergh," or with "all-star cast featuring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Marion Cotillard," or with "global pandemic disaster movie"—but you had me with "Gwyneth Paltrow dying." Ten tickets, please! EH
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