Tonight kicks off Andrew Dinwiddie's fake-preacher act Get Mad at Sin!

In 1971, evangelist Jimmy Swaggart—the bible thumper best known for banging a prostie in 1987—recorded onto vinyl a sermon warning the “now generation” that retribution in the fiery lakes of hell surely awaits all sinners who refuse to repent. Now you can relive Swaggart’s prime in all its ostentatious glory, thanks to a spot-on re-creation of this out-of-print record, performed by artist Andrew Dinwiddie. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Tues Sept 13-Sat Sept 17, 6:30 pm, $15-20. Dinwiddie's performing in a "revival tent" set up next to the beer garden at Washington High.

And then later at Washington High, an intriguing lineup of music and performance:

It’s no secret Portland’s robust musical community is the envy of the free world (sorry Brooklyn), and a large subsection of this localized creativity will be on full display tonight. New Musics was birthed by local photographer Megan Holmes and Claudia Meza (Explode Into Colors), and their quarterly series of events centers around unique one-off collaborations between the most unlikely of pairings (for example, Classical Revolution PDX teaming up with electro-pop keytarist Copy). Tonight you’ll witness Meza’s instrumental opera Mourning Youth, a Flash Choir assisted tape collage from Grouper, composers, dancers, and so much more. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

That's at Washington High at 10:30 pm, $5-8. As always, PICA's got the more info you need.

Ugh, I had the wrong night on that TBA event. Hope nobody's night was ruined! Sorry.

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